The Westering Moon

Caravel Class MerchantmanThe westering moon

A rounded prow and a straight keel characterize the caravel. It has a lower deck, a main deck with a low forecastle in the bow, and a quarterdeck.

The Moon is decked out with lateen sails which gives her better maneuverability in the rocky island waters near Io. For longer journeys along the Caspian and Aetheyan seas, a square rig is also employed.

Although The Moon is not designed for combat, she does mount a minimum armament of one ballista and one small catapult. Her Ionian Fire bombs are a sure deterrent for pirates and smugglers.

She may be slower than many ships, but even laden with 100 tons of cargo, her draft is still quite shallow, and she can sail over reefs that would run aground a good many pursuing ships.

Captain Timolf Sveinsson, a veteran of the Inner Seas, is a hard master but a good fellow. His crew has been carefully assembled, with members of many varying nations. Prejudice aboard ship is not tolerated, a rule for which many a bigoted passenger has come to detest.

Caravel ship sailng

The Crew of The Moon

Captain: Timolf Sveinsson – a Northlander.

First Mate: Lieutenant Huegor Ralfsson – Timolf’s nephew, also a Northlander.

Helmsman: Zusto “Papa” Papacizza, a proud Venchenzian, retired from the Venchenzian fleet.

Cook/Surgeon: Hugh Allard – a Midlander with wanderlust.

Master Mariner: Master Stephanos Tzykandyles from Athenopolis, Io.

Cabin Boy: Venantius Bourtzes a former Phthyan slave (from the lowest class of the Phthyans)


  • Able Seamen:
    • Gregorio Antelini (Venchenzian)
    • Mafeo Antelini (Venchenzian), Gregorio’s brother
    • Olgasus Kostopoulos (Ionian)
    • Bedros Procopio (Ionian)
    • Enrique de Alfaro (Espanish)
    • Gil “The Fish” Piero (Espanish)
    • Gomes Serrano (Espanish)
      Kalithorn Hardsaddle (Ironman)
    • Kontos Linard (Cthylaean)
      Xú Wen (Mungese)
    • Rafe Nejem (Al’Badian)
    • Farbjörn Öndóttrsson (Northlander)
  • Ordinary Seamen:
    • Otkell Skjöldvarðr (Northlander)
    • Righi Polani (Easterner)
    • Cidy Aragones (Espanish)
    • Ysaque de Aguilera (Espanish)
      Rocks Poundhammer (Ironman, Dwarf)
  • Craftsmen
    • Damon Musto (Ionian)
      Gryphon Vlahakis (Ionian)
      Paolo da Quaterno (Easterner)
  • Idlers: Men at Arms/Laborers
    • Leander Valli (Ionian)
    • Rowland Stanwix (Midlander)
    • Conradus Sybenberger (Westlander)
    • Caballero Llorente Ospital (Espanish)
    • Messorius Gracchus (Phthian)
    • Exomnius Rutilus (Phthian)




The Westering Moon

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