Symbol Name Titles Favored Weapon Cleric Domains Holy Warrior Domains
Symbol thellos Thellos God of Greed, Gluttony and Desire [NE] The Hungry Brother, the Feasting Maw, Greedy. Quarterstaffs and clubs Air, Evil, Travel, Water, Trickery and Charm Thellos has no Holy Warriors

Thellos: God of gluttony and greed, Thellos has sandy hair and a piggish nose. The most hidden of the Three Brothers, he pulls strings from the background. He prefers to collect wealth and indulge himself than to come into conflict. The goblins revere him as their god; he appears to them as a fat goblin god who will lead them into a land of milk and honey. He secretly plots to take control of the pillar of air.

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