Symbol Name Titles Favored Weapon Cleric Domains Holy Warrior Domains
Symbol thellyne Thellyne, Goddess of Woodcraft, Nature and the Hunt [NG] Light-footed, Keen-eyed, Silent, the Huntress, the Archer, the Fair Sister, the Eye, the Woodland Guardian. Long Bow Good, Animal, Plant, Protection and Community Hunt, Creation and Travel

Thellyne: The goddess of the woods and the hunt, Thellyne is the shyest of all the gods. One of the Three Sisters, she is rarely seen even by her siblings. Thellyne has golden hair and is a master of all woodcraft. She is neutral good and seeks to protect and promote the natural beauty of the world. She is also the guardian of Eliwyn, the Tree of Life. Korak is in love with her, but the feelings are unreciprocated. Her sisters are Naryne and Canelle.

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