Villa Vicosa

Villa vicosa

Population: 146

Full Time Soldiers: 1 (El Alguadil)
Militia Members: 3
GP Limit: 5 gp

Mayor: Don Reginaldo de Villa Vicosa
Constable: El Alguadil (sheriff) Leandro Agular, the deputy is his son, Ulises.

Located in the heart of the badlands of El Dura Tierra, this little village is a way-stop along La Carretera del Rey, 25 leagues west of Alhambra. The extraordinary village literally weaves itself around pointy fairy chimneys, ancient caves, eroded rock formations and colourful volcanic canyons.

Villa Vicosa is named after its founder, Don Raimondo Vicosa la Vidente(the seer), who had a mystic vision he’d find fame and riches if he traveled into the hard lands. He discovered Mithril deposits in the nearby stream bed, the very spot he’d seen in his visions. Soon thereafter, rich veins of Mithril ore were found, once he began excavations in the region. The town boomed, and mining efforts were soon sponsored by el Príncipe de Alhambra, Don Hermenglio Juan Pablo de la Árbol Santo Gregorio Pelayo, commonly known as Príncipe Hermenglio XII.

The land was officially claimed by the state over 150 years ago, and when Don Raimondo passed away at the ripe old age of 78, he was indeed a famous and wealthy man, exactly as his visions foretold. At the height of the town’s growth, because resources were rare and costly, the miners who came seeking their fortune (either working in the sanctioned mines, or scavenging ore illegally), dug homes for themselves out of the very easily cut sandstone found throughout the region. Most of these were mere carved-out caves high on the pillars of the arroyo, or in the sides of the high-walled ravines surrounding the town. These caves, and the other structures built on high ground, kept the miners and supporting townsfolk safe from the annual season of flash flooding, which for eons has carved the unique pillars around the region.

Today, the mines have mostly petered out, and what once was a booming town of over 5000 has now dwindled to a simple village with a population of only 146. The mayor of Villa Vicosa is the great great grand nephew of Don Raimondo. Don Reginaldo lives in relative poverty, the great wealth of the town fleeing when its mines tapered off three generations ago. Don Reginaldo de Villa Vicosa is nearing his 80th birthday, and has no heirs. It is rumored that the current Príncipe of Alhambra will give the town’s responsibility to Vizcondesa Vizcondesa Vindoni of Sathos, provincial governess of Gran Rio, some 40 leagues away.

The abandoned buildings in the town are in shambles with no one to maintain them, but the caves have weathered fairly well, and sometimes serve as hideouts for brigands and other ne’er-do-wells. There is little law in town, only one aging sheriff and his deputy son, both of whom seem hesitant to do anything about the outlaws.




Villa Vicosa

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