Braid of a Hundred Masters


The Braid of a Hundred Masters is an intelligent item that rests dormant now, and can only be reawakened in a ritual conducted by its last master (or his eldest descendant if the master is dead). When reawakened, the braid functions only for the individual named as the master’s successor.


The first master of the Clouded Path Monastery, Jai Yikun, allegedly knew and trained with the Bodda, during the his mortal life. Shortly before ascending to godhood, Bodda gifted a single strand of his hair to his disciple, telling the monk to draw from it power and inspiration, and to pass it on with a strand of his own hair to the brightest of his own students. Toward the end of his life, Yikun created a center of learning and meditation high in the reaches of the Wall of Heaven — the Clouded Path Monastery. On his deathbed, Yikun bequeathed his braided necklace to his successor, who in turn added her hair to the braid. Over the years, the necklace continued to pass from one master to the next, each in turn adding his or her own hair to the heirloom. Legend suggests that the braid imbues its wearer with a small portion of each master’s power and knowledge.

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Braid of a Hundred Masters

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