Shunkichi's Stones

Beads of Opening Doors


Aura moderate transmutation; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 9,000 gp; Weight -


Shunkichi’s Stones appears as a bracelet comprised of many Lapis Lazuli beads, carved and inlaid with intricate Silver Dragons. Each bead can be removed from the bracelet as a free action, without compromising the integrity of the rest of the beads on the bracelet.

When a bead is thrown, tossed, or otherwise projected at an object (a standard action), it explodes in tiny magical motes. The AC of an object is 0, modified by its size. The bead has a range increment of 10 ft. when thrown, or 50 ft. if hurled from a sling.

Upon striking, it sends forth magical vibrations that cause locks, lids, doors, valves, and portals to open. The device functions against normal bars, shackles, chains, bolts, and so on. Minuta’s Stones also automatically dispel a hold portal spell or even an arcane lock cast by a wizard of lower than 15th level.

The stone must be aimed at the item or gate to be loosed or opened (which must be visible and known to the user). The wielder can make a caster level check against the lock or binding, using the stone’s caster level of 11th. The DC of this check is equal to the Disable Device DC to open the lock or binding. Each stone only opens one form of locking, so if a chest is chained, padlocked, locked, and arcane locked, it takes four successful uses of the stones to get it open. A brand-new bracelet bears thirty stones, thus can be used a total of 30 times before it becomes useless. Note that due to the magic of the bracelet, it always appears to have exactly 17 stones. When the last charge is used, the bracelet crumbles to dust.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, knock; Cost 4,500 gp


A gift from a shikigami kami named Shunkichi for righting the waymaker (his home) in the Forest of Spirits. Shikigami kami are the protectors of minor works of civilization, and though the least of the kami, they are courageous and steadfastly loyal.

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Shunkichi's Stones

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