Alien stones from the heavens


Starstones are meteoric rocks that have fallen from the heavens. Each has unique and alien properties, depending on the nature of their origin. Because they are not from this world, they are difficult to research and categorize. Most have alien magical properties, powers that do not follow the traditional schools of magic. The size of any particular stone has no bearing on the power of its magic. The largest found Starstone is the size of a halfling, the smallest discovered is akin to a grain of sand. Their composition, being alien, is of no known mineral composite.

It is generally believed that such stones are divine in nature, due to the preponderance of an enchantment style magic that seems to accompany them. Those who find them seem possessed by otherworldly personalities, chosen it seems, as prophets to alien gods. This is specifically true for any who claim to have been struck on the head by a falling Starstone (and survived).

These rocks are obviously highly valuable to collectors and others who wish to study their unique magical properties. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the otherworldly magic, few of these artifacts ever make it into their possession. These stones have been known to drive those who possess them insane.



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