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  • House Rules

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    h2. UPKEEP Instead of worrying about meal prices, lodging, replacing torn clothing, and other miscellaneous costs as well as to represent the kinds of costs that turn up in daily life that aren't reflected on the equipment tables, you pay a …

  • Heirloom Item

    h2. Heirloom Item You may begin play with one item of exceptional value. It may even be magical, but the character may not yet know of its properties. In order to begin play with an heirloom item, you must create a brief story explaining how …

  • Critical Success or Failure

    h3. Critical Success When a natural 20 is rolled on a d20, it may become a critical success. First, the resulting skill check gains a +10 to the result no matter if it is a critical success or not. Next, roll the check again with all the original …

  • Contacts and Patrons

    [[Contacts | Current Character Contacts]]

    This system codifies a phenomenon commonplace in most long-term campaigns: the friendly bartender, gruff weaponsmith, or absentminded sage who points the PCs in the …

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