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  • Deck of Spirits

    A worn and well used tarot deck, passed down from grandmother to granddaughter. The back depicts the sun's disc with two elegant roses, surrounded by waves representing the sea.

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  • Dorak's Shirt

    This shiny and durable shirt of mail was handed down to Dorak from his Grandfather. Despite its age, it has been well cared for and looks near new.

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  • Steady Saddle

    Fine saddle of extraordinary quality. Gifted to Calen by his Father. Appears new although his father had used this saddle for two decades.

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  • Kiaven's Javelin

    Falko's _Bardic Knowledge_ check revealed the following: Kiaven was a huntsman of great renown. He was said to have slain over ten thousand animals in his lifetime. He had a brace of six finely crafted javelins, each reputed to have its own unique special …

  • Skylark Statue

    The Skylark Statue are magical statuettes crafted by the finest sculptors of gold in the realms. They are typically solid gold, with special ores and other additives included which allow for the specific rituals required to enchant the item. A special …

  • Key Items

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/114293/Key_Items.jpg(Key items)!

    Rumored Relics

    h4. This is a list of relics and artifacts the party has heard about, through rumors and tales or personal encounters.


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  • Found Relics

    h4. This is a list of relics and artifacts the party have either discovered themselves, or have heard about through rumors and tales.


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  • Background Items

    These are the character's [[Heirloom Item | Heirloom Items]], which they gained before beginning play. Those characters who joined the party at higher than 1st level had the option of putting some of their allotted cash for their level into improving …

  • Blue Whinnis

    !(media-item-align-left){width:500px}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/46561/Blue_Whinnis.jpg(Blue whinnis)!Blue Whinnis is a flowering plant that grows in temperate regions during the spring to early summer seasons. It most notably grows in …

  • Other Items

    h3. Alchemical Items [[Otos' Alchemical Work]] _more info to come_ h3. Fabled Items [[Aenean Musket]] h3. Poisons [[Blue Whinnis | Blue Whinnis]] h3. Unusual Items [[Statuette | Statuette]] h4. [[Key Items | >>Key Items]] …

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