Friendly Acquaintances

  • Marquis Jacque duValier – and his lady wife Mimi, estate owners in Juisse outside of Royan. Was keeping Iz’Alma’s brother as a stableman, known to them as Borneo. Friendly folk who were well paid for Ferdinand’s (Borneo’s) freedom.
  • Lydia Trevor – 13 year old orphaned nobleman’s daughter who the party has sent to Lord Fosseway to foster.
  • Gorak (Bloodfiends Chieftain) – A veteran orc, Gorak came to power over his clan by craft and might. Knowing that the fanatical half-orc cleric Degarn would fail in his attempt to unite the three orcish clans (the Bloodfiends, the Chosen Ones, and the Bone Crushers), Gorak sought parley with the party, giving them aid holding back the orcish guards and ensuring them of safe passage from Degarn’s Base, in exchange for the party’s assistance in killing Degarn and Rakr (also a cleric of Canarak and the Chosen Ones’ chieftain). Gorak was honorable and true to his word. In the aftermath, the Bloodfiends slew every last Chosen One orc, and absorbed the Bone Crusher clan into its fold under Gorak’s mighty leadership. The Bloodfiends now roam the reaches beneath the Boarspire Mountains, near the head of the River Slender. To date, he has kept true to his pact of non-agression on the human settlements of Midrealm.
  • Oberous Mathowny – A portly and engaging faun, and member of the Monastery of the Lion, a spiritual retreat which also serves as a known chapter house for the knightly Order of the Rose and Cross. Offered future aid. Met in Witheridge, [Shal 29, 1332]
  • Gimm Broadaxe, Bitori friend of Dorak’s parents, an adventuring rogue with a dubious reputation. Has been ejected from The Explorer’s Society. Claims to have seen Kalak (Dorak’s da), in the time since his death was reported by the Society.
  • Bill, called Gorsack by his friends, a Bitori berserk. The party befriended him late one night before the gates of Beckridge. Dorak shared Bill’s mushroom-laced potted meat, and became intoxicated and quite ill. [Shal 8, 1332]
  • Martin Gage, a storyteller who invited the party to share a campfire and roast pig on the eve before the Second Sorrow. [Shal 8, 1332]
  • Alouishus and Calumbaias – First mate and officer of the Corvette known as Miranda’s Siren.
  • Master Ling – A Mungese scholar and wizard who teaches at the Redhurst Academy of Magic. [Maalbring 1333]
  • Gnomes of the Biddlewicken Brewery – Led by Bucky and Fiona Biddlewicken, this roving troupe of gnomish brewers are indebted to the party for their aid in retrieving casks of their brew that was stolen by goblins. They have a magical cat named Puntwiss, and brew one fine honey-oat ale. [Maalbring 1333]
  • Ulises Aguilar – Espagian youth, son of the sheriff of Villa Vicosa. Laid back, some would say lazy. Ulises traveled with the party from Villa Vicosa to City of Alhambra. He has aided the party when they were attacked by creatures drawn to the mask, although they had to save him fairly regularly.
  • Kelindria – Fey guide who aided the group through a portion of the Feywild.

Neutral Acquaintances

  • Ilinne and his angry dog Simon – a stubborn ale merchant traveling on the road between Stahl and Laedersburg.
  • Érard, a Juisse tollguard. Bridge at the Royal River north of the Kingsbury.
  • Charles Exeter of Beckridge, third son of Earl Philip Exeter of Beckridge. Met upon the road north of Kingsbury, overheard plotting potential treasonous acts with his band. [Shal 6, 1332]
  • Felix Gladstone, front man for Philip Exeter’s band. Low Born. [Shal 6, 1332]
  • Bruno, a dim witted giant of a Freelander, part of Philip Exeter’s band. Low Born. [Shal 6, 1332]
  • Three men, names unknown, part of Philip Exeter’s band. Low Born. [Shal 6, 1332]
  • Zomos Vistis – A former adventuring companion. He and the party did not part on favorable terms, but he is not an enemy. [Maalbring 1333]
  • Starig Stronghammer – Another former companion. Starig could not abide certain aspects of the party, so decided to break company with them. [Maalbring 1333]
  • Ixquitl – A very strange Azurai who tagged along while the party was in Granada, Espagia. He had adapted to life away from Chuul, and was quite an odd and clingy fellow. [Maalbring 1333]

Hostile Acquaintances

(These may become enemies at a later date)

  • Joku, an orc the party captured, interrogated and released on the road between Stahl and Laedersburg. Joku came to the aid of the party when fighting a band of ogres, and stated that he had repaid the debt and that he and the party were even.
  • A Phthian slaver, name unknown, who was thwarted trying to kidnap orphans from Montaigne during the First Sorrow of 1332. Escaped and is at large.

Other Acquaintances

Village of Stahl, Midrealm

  • Miranor (Corporal of the Guard) – unpleasant dwarven gate guard, female. Insulting and gruff to the extreme.
  • Alynian (Captain of the Guard) – Lives in Mayor Theonius’s compound. No nonsense half elf with a seemingly strong yet calm demeanor. His duties, however, seem to overwhelm his intellect.
  • Skylark’s Wing Faenair (Urian’s Eyrie Shrine) – An attractive, athletic holy woman from the Eyrie Shrine in Stahl who left for Laedersburg to deliver the artifact, the Skylark Statue for use in sanctifying the shrine. Faenair was missing, but her spirit found its way to the Eyrie Shrine and was raised by Cleric Calen, by means of the Ceremony of Life.
  • Astrin – Likable half-orc woman, rough around the edges, yet quite personable. Owns Astrin’s Inn.
  • Sinael – A delicate Astorani elf who runs the stables. She is somewhat uncomfortable around people.
  • Douglass – Sinael’s stableboy. Eager but naive.
  • Justiciar Hathorn – Cleric of Maal, oversees the Stone Court (temple), reputation as a man who believes in maintaing the law, but not entirely sure which law. He frequents Astrin’s Inn, so as to harass ‘lawbreakers’ and do his duty to bring them to justice.
  • Brnnwynn – Djamal’s wife and associated with the Sleeping Griffin Inn.
  • Djamal – Open and friendly Al’Badian human who runs the Sleeping Griffin Inn.
  • Niirfeil – Known to the town as ‘Mother’, this female halfling is the proprietor of the Grey Sheep’s Inn. She is gracious and everyone loves her, especially on the occasions when she graces her clientele with a song or two.
  • Elix – Halfling proprietor of the general store, not-so-secretly in love with Niirfeil. Friendly and helpful (mostly).
  • Argothorn Sturdy dwarf, badly scarred. Opinionated yet fairly mirthful. Blacksmith of some local renown.
  • Jaellyn – Half orc blacksmith.
  • Endaerlyn – Astorani elven wizard who runs the Dancing Smoke Inn. Rumored as the mystical advisor to Theonius.
  • Babcock – Snobbish purveyor of a high end retail establishment.
  • Zeliik – A sorcerer who once was part of Laeder’s band of adventurers. Owns a small magic shop in Stahl.

Hamlet of Laedersburg, Midrealm

  • Aislyn (Wife to Laeder, Soldier) – Trained in martial combat by Alynian of Stahl.
  • Skylark’s Wing Asa (Urian’s Eyrie Shrine [unsanctified] – beautiful and kind.
  • Saedar – Propietor of Sweet Harvest Inn in Laedersburg. Apparently in need of some ale.
  • Sir Laeder (Constable and town leader)
  • Ryn – Elven Rogue ally of Laeder and the party who pushed back the orcs a few years ago. Obviously in love with Skylark’s Wing Asa. Ryn seemed a dubious sort, and fashioned himself in dress and manor after a certain low type of human from the larger cities.
  • Skylark’s Wing Horace – Dwarven hero who fell below the Orcish Hall, a member of Laeder’s party. The party met and conversed with Horace’s Ghost, and took his remains back to Skylark’s Wing Asa, who sent his spirit forward with Mormekar, to his final judgement by Maal.
  • Crolin – Halfling shopkeeper/assayer/bookkeeper for Laedersburg. Meek and non-confrontational, all business.
  • Mickine – Leadersburg’s Bitori blacksmith, appointed the position by the mayor of Stahl. An avid complainer and orc hater.

Town of Witheridge, Midrealm

  • Sir Malcolm Anders – Reeve of Witheridge. Not overly delighted with his appointment to this station. Sir Anders, however, takes his job seriously.
  • Charles Sanbourne – Deputy Reeve. Serves and defers to Sir Anders.
  • Grolin Ambruster – Proprietor of the austere Witheride Inn.
  • Man’ke – Espaniard Valet at the Witheridge Inn. Simple and talkative. A gossip.
  • Zac Harrowman – Deceased – Former handyman at the Witheridge Inn. Quiet and against gossip. Turned out to be a willing cultist and was executed for his crimes, the traditional stake burning. His soul was damned for his conversion to evil and was stripped of his remaining gifts.
  • Garthas Loftfiller – Owner and dedicated workman of the Witheridge Stables, the only stables in the city. He is a light-hearted scoundrel in his own way.
  • Minister Rockway – Mormekim Minister at the Shadow Sacristy. Young, pale and distant.
  • Magister Carlston – Official at the Town Hall. Kindly and helpful.
  • Seneshal Stefany Fireeyes – Officer in charge of administration at Saragan’s Keep.
  • Jennings – An aged, overly talkative but highly knowledgeable alchemist.
  • Quarrel Jackobie – Second nephew to Lord Bertrand Finesmith of Witheridge. A teenage boy, awkward and gangling. Murdered and revived. Helpful and bright, if a bit pathetic.
  • Oberous Mathowny – A portly and engaging faun, and member of the Order of the Rose and Cross.
  • Charles and Francis Roeman – Twins who own a portage and warehouse company. Had been magically coerced to become cultists.

City of Alcazar Toledo, Espagia

  • Kayan Mistweaver Jute princess who was befriended by Kumori.
  • Señor Hector Gonzalo – Venture Captain at the Explorer’s Society Altamira lodge. Inducted Content Not Found: dorak as a field operative.
  • Señor Gomez and Señora Calaverde – Field Operatives and council members at the Alcazar Toledo Altamira Explorer’s Society Lodge.

Town of Gran Rio, Espagia

Familial Acquaintances

  • Duke and Duchess Bierstadt – Falko’s human adopted family. Duchess Ayn died in childbirth bearing a son, Albrecht. Duke Ivo has a holding in the South Westerlands. Albrecht was caught in a fire at Falko’s inn, and is presumed dead.
  • Alyssa Bowman – Falko’s Mentor. Passed away from natural causes.
  • Kalak and Maran – Dorak’s parents. Reported lost/slain, during a mission for the Explorer’s Society.
  • Henric and Fiomenta – Iz’Alma’s parents. Henric passed of natural causes. Fiomenta still travels with her clan.
  • William – Iz’Alma’s missing step brother.
  • Mardon Fosseway – Calen’s grandfather, also the name of his brother.
  • Gareth Fosseway – Calen’s father, also the name of his second brother.
  • Calen Fosseway – Mardon’s brother, Calen’s uncle.
  • Sera – Calen’s Mother.
  • Richard Brownson – Longtime friend and Squire to Gareth (Calen’s elder brother)
  • Bran Craig of Clan Gordon – Cian’s grandfather, a mariner.
  • Trystan apBran – Cian’s father, also a mariner.





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