Banlak's Journal Entry 1

23 Kor 1334

New log! Too bad my last one was ruined when I forgot to wrap it tightly before crossing that small river. At least my spare logbook was sealed tightly. Someday I will be able to fill one completely before something bad happens to it. Anyway, onto the day’s activities.

Started off as a normal day until I came across the path of a giant windstorm. Don’t know how I missed it, as the damage looks recent. I started following it’s path. Such a momentous and unusual occurrence must be tied to Kumori. I had heard he must be around this area. A few hours later I came across a signs of a camp and a strange statue sitting upon a stump. It looked like one of the kami statues found around the Imperial academy where I received my training. I picked it up and turned it about. “Remarkable detail,” was the only thing I remembered saying before it transformed into a squiggly, wiggly living being. I quickly dropped it. It chucked a horse chestnut at my head, which I luckily ducked.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t believe I would be blessed by handling an actual kami!”

“My name is Shunkichi.” And thus began a heated and often times convoluted conversation about the proper life-cycle of a forest. I didn’t even realize there were others around until I heard an ahem. I turned and there were a bunch of people there. Introductions followed, lo and behold Kumori! Not as impressive as the tales would have him be described. When the gate opened that evening, they were hesitant to enter. Understandably. Otis kept leaving and entering, over and over. Strange fellow. Rather than converse with the others, with Shunkichi’s permission I began the binding ritual to make him into my familiar. Or as he put it, make me into his ward.

The next morning, troubled awaited as normal. Started off with some Mung Li troops, escalated into ninjas. Then ended with a sirocco. The look of total shock on my new companions faces as the super heated air cooked the final ninja. And that was all immediately after breakfast with the sun barely risen. At least I have another katana for my collection. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the day will bring…

Kumori had a look of surprise when my battered, rusty long sword transformed into a beautiful katana. Judging by his expression, he will want to have words with me. I would rather not. I am not sure he could answer all my questions or me answer his. I am unsure of the time I am from, how long I spent in the lantern, or even how I was expelled from it. But I am sure I don’t look like I should be wielding such a fine weapon. Hehe.


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Banlak's Journal Entry 1

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