Banlak's Journal Entry 2

23 Kor 1334

So the day got much worse…

Evening was approaching and we heard the sound of giant wings flapping. A trio of dragons were overheard and from the smell of them, undead ones. I quickly wove hallucinatory terrain around us. They still loosed their terrible breath upon us. I could feel my body weakening. Luckily I was able to tree stride away.

A few days passed and we have traveled further East. A small stream at the bottom of a ravine blocked our way. “I can get us across,” spoken by me was not received well. For travellers trying to save Kaidan, they are greatly enamored by physical wealth. We travelled a few hours South and came upon a crossing. Something was not right.

I noticed a giant predatory eel close to the shallows. Something must have trained it to ignore it’s instincts of hiding in the deep water. I walked to the edge and launched a bamboo shoot. It should have scared the beast off. Instead, it moved only a couple yards further towards the middle of the stream. Soon enough my fears were realized as a beautiful creature rose up and tried to mesmerize me. We were able to eventually kill off both eels and 1 of the beautiful beings.

I sent my griffin down stream to find our monk and I flew upon some conjured eagles to assist if needed with the halfling. We found the monk, but the griffin brought back one of the beautiful creatures. Turned out to be a nereid. Its behavior was strange as they don’t often ambush travelers.

We tried to cross and our boat was capsized. We didn’t lose much. Most of the party crossed by air and I was able to take 2 of the horses across. We continue onward.



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Banlak's Journal Entry 2

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