Banlak's Journal Entry 4

2 Tine 1334

I had a very laid back and relaxed day. Slept in, took a nap, did some preliminary research on spells. Shunkichi warned me a man was approaching the boat. I went on deck and was met by a disheveled Kushite. I began speaking with him and suddenly he fell flat on his face. Wicket had attacked the poor fellow from behind, knocking him senseless. I gave him a restorative and he was soon on his feet. Sensing the malevolent mood from the rest of the group, I took him into the city to talk about his religion. For a group of people seeking to liberate an oppressed land, they are very intolerant. What harm was the this guy?

After talking with him for a while he revealed he had been struck by a stone from the sky. He refused to let me touch it, but a detect magic revealed it had enchantment powers. I quickly hit him with a break enchantment. He suddenly had a complete change of character. He was apparently a noble and had no clue where or what time of year it was. As I suspected, the stone was responsible. I quickly dazed him and carefully grabbed the stone and hurried off. A few hours later he came by the docks looking for me. I stayed below but heard he was looking for a man by my description. I wrote a few page note explaining the basic properties of the stone, the philosophy he had been preaching while under its influence, and my sincere apologies for having to daze him. I asked for him to forgive me since I felt it was the only recourse at the time and asked for him to think calmly about what had happened. I left him a missive telling him how to leave a message for me with my friend the necromancer or my prior ship’s captain, both of which I keep in contact with.

The question is what to do with the stone, I felt it trying to worm its way into my head. But the plight of the Kushite and the rude attack on his personage gave me an idea…



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Banlak's Journal Entry 4

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