Dorak - Fistful of Assassins

Dear Grandpa,

Well, we failed… at least, it seems likely. Qasim or Iz may have some means of making it not a fail, but one of the last things I saw before I was transported into this accursed lamp was Iz touch our poor mad charge with her hand and he didn’t move.

The numbers were against us… don’t know how many there were, but it was a lot of ranged attacks against a group that lacks good ranged damage that can kill multiple foes a round.

Even if Cian were stronger and more swift, he’s not likely to be much good with a bow due to his hulking armor. Qasim is very good with a bow, especially for one not as lithe as an elf, but he’s only one of us.

Then again, what mad plot faces us that we are accosted by assassins and spell casters as we prepare to leave? And they take our the most vulnerable of us with the information needed to move forward.

A cult trying to spread chaos, disorder, and death by using the idols, perhaps? And by facing and defeating the idols, we stopped one prong of their attack before it spread too far?

Or infernal forces seeking to harvest more souls by wiping out a town with the relics and defiling the shrines so the spirits are forced to wander and get lost?

That’s a lot of ambition, but from what the stories say, infernal creatures show no lack of pride or confidence.

It also seems that the gods are getting annoyed by Iz and her spacey nature. While there’s no solution to that which is readily available to me, it is likely going to get worse in the days ahead, possibly when we need her most.

Oh, a Smitri joined our group. Out of all the languages known to me, she speaks none. That means another language for me to learn, but the usefulness of doing so is putting it lower on my list. Reading tomes of languages and trying to gather more understanding of them is something to do in here, at least. Since studying Chuul was my goal, that may be continued, but it is tempting to pick up Aklo or Infernal or Celestial in case that has more relevance in the long run.

Hope you are well,

- Dorak

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Dorak - Fistful of Assassins

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