Dorak - Short Missives

Dear Grandpa,

Ulises alive, in Venchenzia. Good news overall.

Lydia alive, in Venchenzia. Not as horrible as possible but very bad fortune, overall.

Time is short but things are going well.

More hopeful than I was but still behind a pickaxe with an awfully tall tunnel to dig.

You know how you say that you never trusted a politician who wasn’t a bit of a conman?

I met a politician I think you’d like today.


- Dorak


A bonus for your assistance. May you see the halls that Korak designed one day.

Be careful about using these, as they are more colorful in the languages of the more interesting people.


That is not what we agreed upon.


That is not what we agreed upon.


Your anvil is uneven.

Ancient Dwarven:

Your anvil has a flaw.

Old Empire:

Your grapes are shriveled.


The spores are poisonous.


The fire is growing cold.


Why don’t you take my best drinks and piss in them, also?


There is a fly in your soup.


I will offer you only my left hand to seal such a deal.


You offer me wet tinder as a sacrifice?


Your home will soon be elsewhere.


Dinner is not usually so kind as to suggest it be eaten.


Squizzle majl freki nom.


Did you learn the trade from your mother, or is this all natural skill?


Your wit lies rusting in the scabbard.


May Hera teach you to respect her.

- Dorak

Captain Hector,

Thank you for the letter.

It was most fortuitous that I visited the school, though I do not have time to study and learn such skills now.

I fear I shall likely have to wait until we are near to Archemaine as weeks of study with the timeframes ahead of us would only be possible were I to bring the Master with us aboard the ship.

With eight people who are not crew, I doubt that wise, and certainly could be risky for the Master.

Thank you for opening both avenues to me. I believe that the skill is better overall though the steel would be more beneficial sooner.

There are a total of three groups who are tracking this mission: The Explorer’s through me, Tinelites through Neophyte Ignatius, and the High Council, though I do not know whether Kumori or Smriti would be the one to file those reports. I am certain that neither would wish me to put my plain tongue to paper for such an audience, and that Coatl’s view of civilization is not well suited to report to such a personage.

- Dorak

+19000 gold + gems
+10000 diamonds
-4800 Headband
-192 Alchemical Silver Daggers
-22 160 rounds of ammunition, cold iron
+13986 gold + gems
+10000 diamonds

-1 Furious Longspear
+1 Ki-Focus Longspear

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Dorak - Short Missives

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