Character Enemies

  • Diego Malajuarda – Espanish agent hunting Cian apTrystan for conspiracy and treason.

Party Enemies

  • Donal Merrowfield – Minor nobleman and suspected diabolist, recently of Witheridge. A failed cleric of the Great Church, having been defrocked for being found guilty of rapine of several minor girls. Apparently this vile man was tempted into the arts of diabolism and the occult. After the party foiled his plans, It is rumored that Merrowfield fled into the Withered Hills. His (formerly) magically coerced cultist allies confirmed this, as well as the fact that they loaded wagons with provisions, tools and supplies, on several occasions for Merrowfield, who was presumably bound for this holdout. They said he headed into the hills with the supplies and returned a few days later. It is believed that Merrowfield has summoned a devil named Zebub, who spied on the party and presumably informed him that they were the ones who foiled his diabolical schemes to summon a master devil into our realm. The party has never seen Merrowfield, and would likely not recognize the man if they did. Merrowfield has his demon’s visual and auditory memories of its encounter with Falko, Iz’Alma, Dorak and Calen, and would recognize them on sight.
  • Chi Tsukino – A powerful devil, loose in the world.
  • Himura Takahito – Dark Sorcerer and right hand to Kinoshita Koneneme, sent to destroy Kumori

Slain Enemies

  • Degarn – Half-Orc priest ( of Canarak), was gathering orcs, using the Heart of Grakis/The Heart of Grakis to aid him. It is known that Degarn and Laeder had a dispute some years back, and Degarn was gathering an army to wreak revenge upon Laeder, in his poorly defended town, and then to continue on to Stahl… perhaps driven by the Heart in some sort of twisted revenge plan for the destruction of Grakis. Degarn encountered the party when he first acquired the Heart, and knew the party had been plaguing him for some time. They eventually defeated him in his base, interrupting the ritual he was performing to activate the full fury of the Heart’s magic. When Degarn died, his body was destroyed, his soul sucked into the Heart forever.





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