Falling Damage

FallingFor each 10 feet fallen, the character takes 1d6-2 Constitution damage. For each size category smaller than Medium, the damage is one point less per 10 feet, to a minimum of 1d6-4 damage. For each size category larger than Medium, the damage is 1 point higher, to a maximum of 1d6+2 per 10 feet. Acrobatics and slow fall-) can be used as normal to lessen the effective falling distance. For simplicity’s sake, the maximum effective damage (terminal velocity) is 20d6 (plus modifiers).

Additionally, a Fortitude or Reflex save (DC equal to half the distance fallen) may be made to leave the character with 1 Constitution point, and/or (if the PC had hit points remaining before impact) 0 hit points.

Finally, for all falls greater than 10’ – a Fortitude save is required (DC 10 + 2 / 10’ fallen (reduced as normal by Acrobatics and slow fall-) – thus an adjusted fall of 40’ would required a DC 18 Fort save). Failure means the character is stunned for 1 round per 10’ of the fall. Success means the character is stunned for one round. Success by 5 or more means the character is not stunned.

Note that characters may, depending on the circumstances, break their fall by grabbing vegetation or outcroppings of rock, etc. These are handled on a case by case basis, usually requiring a Reflex Save. The Reflex save to slow a fall is a base DC 20, modified by any circumstances. Note if the fall is long enough, there may be multiple opportunities to reduce the fall. Only a rogue with the rogue talent Nimble Climber may attempt to stop his fall completely, whether from a failed climb check or other circumstances.

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Falling Damage

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