Monks from across the realms, although similar, bear some significant differences. Below are any adjustments to the Monk character class based on regional or cultural differences.


Monks from Kushar and/or The Monastery of Medicine Mountain substitute the following weapons. These are cultural weapons for the Kushari. All other monk weapons are allowed as normal:

The hand-axe is called a parasu, but the stats are as a standard hand-axe.
The kama is called a datr, but the stats are as a standard kama.
Rope and Pasa
The nunchaku is REPLACED by the rope and pasa. These use the rules for whip. .
The sai is replaced by the vajra, which does not count as holding a weapon, yet adds a +1 bonus to the monk’s unarmed damage.
The shuriken is replaced by the dart.
The West
Western monks substitute the following:

Weapons and Armor Proficiency: Western monks do not gain proficiency with sai, kama, nunchaku, shuriken, or siangham. These weapons are unavailable in this culture. They are proficient with the other weapons listed, as well as one of the following options: rapier and main gauche; short sword and buckler (this overrides the monk’s loss of AC bonus for using a shield); whip and net; scimitar and starknife.

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