Months and Days

Months of the Year Days of the Week
Maalbring Alimday Named for Alimus the sun, it is a day of work, the beginning of the week, and the day when one should be most productive.
Tera Faroday In honor of Faro, the great moon, this day is also a day of work, for Faro struggles with Alimus in the skies, pulling the moon as he does so.
Shal Aerixday Named for Aerix the hero, it is a day of work, for the hero Aerix struggled in challenge against the greater foe, and perished. This is the day when the most daunting task is undertaken.
Uri Jibraiilday The herald Jibraiil marches forth, and this is the day for making announcements or dedications. Work is usually lighter on this day, in favor of debate and study.
Aym Metteronday This is the day to revere all animals, tend them diligently, for Metteron is the golden lion of Heaven, king of the beasts. Also a day of labor.
Kor Issamaday Council and worship, not work, rule this day, for Issama, the questioner, the councilor, reigns over this day.
Tine Kisméday Named for the small, kind moon Kismé, this is a day of introspection and honoring the family.

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Months and Days

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