Mook Dice

Meaningful Mooks

Even though the Mook rules have helped to speed up combat, I am implementing the following addition, primarily to make mooks a bit more significant. Defeating them helps you combat their Boss. This represents information and tactics gleaned by fighting the underlings. Spending Mook Dice (see below) does not require any special cinematic description (see Cinematic Combat below) but may enhance your chances for extras

When you take out a mook, either by weapon or spell, you will get a Mook Die. Mook Dice are special d6s that you may spend when combating the villain who is associated with the mooks, i.e. their boss. This only applies to mooks, and not cohorts or henchmen, per se. You may collect any number of Mook Dice. These tokens expire when the Boss is defeated, or whenever you take a Rest and Refit break (See Hit Points/Injury). If you rest up and prepare for the ensuing combat with the leader, the momentum has been lost, along with all your Mook Dice.

You may only spend Mook Dice once per combat round, so choose your poison carefully. Spending Mook Dice is as follows:

  • One Mook Die may be spent to give your character a d6 bonus to hit the Boss, or add 1d6 to any saving throws to ward off the Boss’s spells or effects (such as poison). You may also spend a Mook Dice to raise your Armor Class by 1d6 against the Boss until the beginning of your next turn. You may spend multiple Mook Dice on a single effort, but only once per round. In other words, you may spend 2 earned Mook Dice to add +2d6 to your AC versus the Boss for the round, or 3 earned Mook Dice to add 3d6 to your attack against the Boss, but not both. Spending Mook Dice is a free action.

Mook Dice are always Exploding dice.

You may spend Mook Dice in conjunction with Hero Tokens, Action Dice and Cinematic Dice.

Mook Dice

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