Party Goods

This page reflects the party accountant’s list of items that are useful and may be shared between the party if the need is strong.

Last updated: 12/5/13

Party resources:

1 Light horse (Otis)
1 War-trained light horse (Smriti)

The True Compass – stored by Kumori
Dishuko’s Ancestral Swords – stored by Kumori

+1 Scimitar (small) x2 (4,630gp) – carried by Ranya and Chodak (as curved daggers)
+1 Composite Longbow ( +2 STR) – Carried by Chodak
Gem of Brightness – Carried by Ranya
Poison: shadow essence (36 doses) less those Ranya carries.
Shuriken (x68)
MW Katana/Wakasashi family sets (x14)
+3 Half-Plate Armor (9100gp)
+2 Falcion x2
+1 Heavy Steel Shield
Oil of bless weapon x6

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Party Goods

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