Party Treasury

Last Updated 9/29/14

This page reflects the ledger for the flow of currency for the party.

It consists of:

  • The Latest Division of Treasure (includes session date that the items were sold and the amounts given to each party member)
  • The Party Reserve Fund (ready cash that may be used for party expenses)
  • The Undivided Loot (items carried that have not been sold and/or allocated to party members)
    • Otos is responsible for carrying the bulky items in the wagon, including the cash stored in a sturdy locked strongbox.

Whenever loot is sold, gems are the preferred payment, but merchants may not be able to afford to spend gems buying the items.

The value of the treasure sold is divvied evenly among the party, with one extra share going into the party reserve fund. Smriti has requested that her share of the coins be ‘purchased’ by the reserve fund, exchanging gems for her gold, as the gold weighs too much for her to carry.

Latest Division of Treasure

9/26/13 – Session 156: Sold goods and equipment, traded gems = 4,199 gp total; Divided partial the total 7 ways (including one share to the Party Reserve – none of this treasure was divided with Tasari, for it was earned before his arrival). Sold the rest of the goods and equipment, traded gems = 32,267 gp total; Divided partial the total 8 ways (including one share to the Party Reserve)

  • Each character (except Smriti and Tasari) received 250 gold (5 lbs) and 4550 gp value in gems (0.14 lb)².
  • Smriti received no gold and 4800 gp value in gems (0.12 lbs)².
  • Tasari received 4030 gp in gems (0.07 lbs)².
  • The cost of passage and all character’s upkeep for the month of Rontrastus was taken from the Party Reserve Fund.

Party Reserve Fund

11926gp in assorted gems (22 gems) [1.9 lbs]
1230gp [24.6 lbs]
10sp [1.0 lbs]
3cp [0.06 lbs]
Total Value Total Weight
12,362.03gp 27.5 lbs*
*+20 lbs for the strongbox

Undivided Loot

Value Item Notes Weight *
0pp Platinum - 0.0 lb
0gp Gold - 0.0 lb
0sp Silver - 0.0 lb
0cp Copper - 0.0 lb
*Standard coins of the realm weigh 1 lb. per 50 coins.
Value¹ Item Notes Weight²
0gp Gems Mutabi-qi Raiders .0 lb
Value¹ Item Notes Weight
0gp none notes .0 lb
Value³ Item Notes Weight
0gp - .0 lb

Total Values/Weight

Item Value Weight
Coin 0gp 0.0 lbs
Gems 0gp¹ .0lb
Goods 0gp¹ 0.0 lbs
Equipment 0gp³ 0 lbs
Total 0gp 0.00 lbs

‡This table is incomplete. will be working on adding Smriti’s Pouch to this page.

¹As Trade Items, gems are equal to their actual value in trade. If one sells a gem in exchange for cash, they suffer a 10% exchange rate. Goods can be sold for full value, depending on the market and the available buyers.

²Note the weight of gems is a generalization. For the average type gems, 100 gems equals a pound. This does not consider the carat value or quality value of individual gems, but for our purposes does include gems that are small and average in value. Such are the typical gems found for use as a Trade Item.

Unless otherwise noted, when I divvy the gems, I calculate the weight based on a mystical number… each digit = the number of gems. So 1257 value in gems is 1 x 1000 gp gem, plus 2 x 100 gp gems, plus 5 x 10 gp gems, plus 7 x 1 gp gems = 15 gems which would weigh 0.15 lbs.

³Equipment can generally be sold for 50% of its listed value, depending on the item and market.




Party Treasury

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