Sea of Eels


To the north, GinSu is bordered by The Sea of Eels, a wide but relatively shallow body of water. The southern shores of the sea serve GinSu as a trade route, and numerous small fishing villages dot the coastline. Each of these villages is well protected by a small garrison and a growing navy. The fisherfolk of these villages have long been beset by enormous predatory eels with strange magical powers. Attacks from these eels were traditionally fended off by an old defensive pact between the coastal villages and a group of aquatic kami known as the Makaitsu. But recently, the Makaitsu seem to have disappeared without warning and the strange eels have returned. Local officials have posted bounties for eel carcasses, and the fishing magnates have petitioned the capital of Mukinami to help them solve the mysterious disappearance of their kami allies.




Sea of Eels

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