Description: APG standard summoner modified as follows:

SummonerRegions: The mystic art of the summoner is rare, but can be learned nonetheless. Many cultures fear and persecute summoners, believing them to be followers of Asmodeus. Tales of frightened villages stoning or burning summoners are not uncommon. Most summoners hail from remote areas of arcane study. It is rare to find summoners in barbaric cultures, however not unheard of. In the Free Kingdoms, most summoners of good reputation hail from prestigious centers of arcane learning, or taught by honorable members of the magical community.

Recharge: In addition to the normal requirements for the daily readying of spells, summoners have a very special nature, regarding the requirement to recharge their spells at a magical nexus. Firstly, in order to originally summon and bond with their eidolon, the summoner must physically be at a magical nexus or strong ley line of the appropriate nature. Once summoned during this ritual, the eidolon remains with the summoner until even if dismissed, and can be re-summoned using the standard rules. As long as the summoner is within close range of her eidolon, she need not have access to a nexus to recharge her spells. Her eidolon acts as a nexus because of the Life Link ability. This link works for the summoner alone; her arcane spell using companions do not share the link, so gain no benefit. If the eidolon is slain or dismissed, the lingering magic from her eidolon works the same as if she were a standard spellcaster at that point, the magic lasting one day per level of the summoner from the moment the eidolon is killed, or dismissed. The summoner must then seek out an appropriate nexus to call back her eidolon.

Ritual Magic: Summoners may learn ritual magic. Arcane Ritual is a class skill. To do so they must purchase ranks in the Arcane Ritual skill, which is a class skill for them.

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