The Digger Farm

Digger family farm

Nestled on the west bank of the South Fork Upper Aetrilia River in the foothills south of the Carpathian Mountain range, this modest little farmhouse is owned and run by the Digger family. Doug Digger is the father and head of the Digger clan, as he likes to call them. His wife, known only as “Ma”, cheerfully cooks and mothers the entire family.

Digger family
The Digger sons, Trench (age 16), Furrow (age 12), Trough (age 9) and the youngster Ditch (age 7) help their father on the farm, tending to the fields and animals, as well as to operate the seldom used ferry boat for travelers along the River Road, which skirts the hills and running between the southern tip of Carpathia (a terribly dangerous region) and Teurnia in Atrelia proper. The boys, of course, also help their mother with kitchen duties and other household chores.

The farm is primarily established for self-sufficiency, but they do sell eggs, potatoes and turnips to neighbors, as well as taking their surplus vegetables along with several dozen chickens to the Autumn Market in Teurnia each fall.

Although technically part of the Phthyan Empire, the Diggers consider themselves free folk, independent of the tyranny of Imperial Authority. Being so removed from mainstream civilization, they are buffered agains Phthyan interference. They pay their taxes to their lord, and leave him to deal with the Imperial politics.

Ma Digger welcomes most all strangers into their home, providing travelers with a warm meal and a good night’s sleep if the loft of the barn. The boys have been taught, however, to be wary of travelers, and they always question those they ferry across the river before doing so. All in all, this is a loving and trusting family, far removed from most of the dangers of civilization. They know of the dangers past the hills to the north, and on their annual hunting trip, they always stick to the boundaries of the hills, and never venture into the mountains.


The Digger Farm

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