A Letter Home (Journal Entry 4)

Dear Mother,

I hope that this letter finds you well – I am both in good health and good spirits. My companions are quite diverse sort, and not the slightest how I had envisioned them based on the kurt briefing I was given by the King. I truly believe that I shall enjoy traveling with them.

It is with difficulty that I tell you that I do not know the time of my return. It appears that I have been pushed toward something that could quite likely be a lifelong occupation. Do know that you are in my thoughts daily, as is father, and sweet Clara… How is my sister faring? I know that school was not easy for her last year – please let her know that I am thinking of her.

I’ve been on a seafaring voyage, and I must say, I am developing sea legs quite nicely. I was heavy with concern when I first laid eyes upon The Westering Moon – a grand ship with a crew of unmatched skill – yet my first nights at sea have been largely uneventful.

Night last, however, something unusual happened. I was deep in slumber, when my dreams were visited by a Raven. The Raven spoke to me in father’s voice, demanding that I carry to you a message: The Lost all find their way home.

I was reluctant to mention this, but the voice was unmistakably powerful. I’m not one to fall prey to superstition, but having just returned from a grand Oracle, I can see that there are truths in the arts of divination. One of my companions, in fact, has such powers. I have considered consulting with her over this matter, but I wanted to make no delay in relying its contents to you.

My companions await me for dinner, but know that I shall be writing again soon. Please do respond if you are able – the Academy will know how to see it delivered.

Take care, Dear Mother –

Ian’s Journal

A Letter Home (Journal Entry 4)

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