A Short Note (Journal Entry 5)

The following was written on spare parchment, labeled simply “Journal”…

I must say that thus far, the King must have gotten these folks wrong. Perhaps it was just their former party member that was wreaking havoc and chaos? Or was it something else? Needless to say, I’m not ruling anything out yet, but after the synergy in which we dealt with a relic that surely should have destroyed us – summoning an entire conservatory worth of zoological beasts… well played!

If I’m rambling, it’s because I am still in awe of one of my companions in particular: Smriti. While Brother Ignatius and myself were below deck dealing with the finer arcane evils, (I’m fairly sure the statuette’s magics were a symptom of a curse, though I realize that is a bit like asking a dentist about architecture…) Smriti apparently hefted an Afrik elephant overboard. Alone. Now I won’t go so far as to say she is a slight thing, as she is certainly well gifted in musculature, but… she is a full head and shoulders shorter than myself. I wish that I had been able to witness the event, but the way that Dorak unleashed an uncharacteristic slew of superlatives, I know that the feat was nothing short of epic.

We were fortunate in that Brother Ignatius was able to dispel the relic’s magic – I must complete my training in Dispel very soon – just long enough to toss the thing into the depths. I have a feeling that there’s going to be some weirdness in the waters in that area for quite some time. Hopefully the ecology of the area won’t suffer as a result.

That fairly well sums up what yesterday was all about. I’m sure that bards would put a better spin on this whole thing, but I have more important matters of arcane study to attend to.

Ian’s Journal

A Short Note (Journal Entry 5)

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