Additional Languages

In order to compensate for the fact that this campaign has far more languages than a standard setting, the following rule has been implemented.

Languages are primarily learned as a result of purchasing skill ranks in the Linguistics skill. Additionally, each character will gain additional languages according to their class, based on the table below. As soon as the character reaches or exceeds the level that provides them an additional language, they may select any language and add it to their list of known languages. The choice should be carefully considered, and their should be a reasonable excuse for the selection, such as the character has been traveling in the land where the new language is predominant, or has been tutored by another PC or NPC.

Additional Languages

Level A1 B2 C3 D4
1st 1st —— —— ——
2nd —— 1st 1st 1st
3rd 2nd —— —— ——
4th —— —— —— ——
5th 3rd 2nd 2nd 2nd
6th —— —— —— ——
7th 4th —— —— ——
8th —— 3rd —— ——
9th 5th —— 3rd ——
10th —— —— —— 3rd
11th 6th 4th —— ——
12th —— —— —— ——
13th 7th —— 4th ——
14th —— 5th —— ——
15th 8th —— —— 4th
16th —— —— —— ——
17th 9th 6th 5th ——
18th —— —— —— ——
19th 10th —— —— ——
20th —— 7th —— 5th

1 Use column A for bard, cleric, rogue, wizard, summoner, ninja, nomad, priest, and warlock levels
2 Use column B for paladin (holy warrior), sorcerer, alchemist, cavalier, inquisitor, and warlord levels
3 Use column C for fighter, monk, ranger, oracle, samurai, knight and swashbuckler levels
4 Use column D for barbarian, druid, and witch levels

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Additional Languages

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