AeneaThe State of Aenea is currently conquered by the Phthyan Empire. It is a harsh land with sweeping planes and vast desert regions, including badlands. The life has been sucked from the land by the absence of magic. Centuries ago the magic was blasted away during what is known as the Sorcerer Wars, leaving the land parched with no water, plant life, or magical energies. The hardy Aeneans struggled past this devastating decades long war, and developed an alchemical black powder. Beyond just firearms and weaponry, the engineers and alchemists of Aenea have crafted and perfected technology to a level far surpassing any other region in the Phthyan Empiere, capitalizing on the rich mineral deposits and the need for something to replace the usually omnipresent conveniences of magic.

It is unfortunate for the Phthyan Empire that the normally highly effect black powder weaponry either ceases to function, or backfires in terrible mishap when the weapons are introduced into any region of relatively normal magic.

>>Human Realms of the Northeastern Continent
>>Phthyan Empire




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