Alabic Religion

Adapted from Endless Sands by Avalanche Press

There are two sources of magic in the Alabic Nations: religion, and sorcery.

All wizards, sorcerers, viziers, and other enchanters are considered “viziers” to the common populace, and all religious casters are considered “imam.” The two most common religions in the Alabic Nations are the Old Religion – worshippers of the pantheon of Ahuramazda, King of the Sun – and the recent but extremely popular religion of the cities of the Al’ Baid: Ja’Ilam. It is not uncommon for those worshippers of the “wrong” religion to be persecuted or even assassinated while in areas populated by the faithful of the other; these two doctrines are openly at war.

The Old Religion

Religions of CRIMSON SKIES



Alabic Religion

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