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Population: 2,990,000
Government: Theocratic Monarchy (Divisional Emirates)
Capitol: Esheraqh Al’qleb ((City of the) Shining Heart) (1,120,000)
Languages: Alabic, Phthiani (Imperial), Common
Religion: Ja’Ilam 75%, Ahuramazden 20%, Other 5% (usually the Gods of the Tree)
Currency: The Golden Apple (10gp), The Golden Peach (1gp), The Feather (1sp), The Pit (1cp), The Seed (1/2cp)
Resources/Trade: Phosphates, iron ore, manganese, lead, zinc, fish, salt
Allies: Free Kingdoms
Enemies: Al’Farai, The Warrens, The Phthyan Empire, Sethoon, [[Nokol’Orai]]

Racial Breakdown: 83% Alabic (human), 8% Phthian (human), Halfling 3%, Elf 2%, Dwarf 2%, Gnome >1%, Other 1%
Ruler: Most Exalted Imam Ibrahim abd Mahibril ibn Fezoul
Major Cities: Abbashan (12,000), Ahawf (Renamed to Phthyan: Hermopolis Magnae) (6,500), Akkam (Renamed to Phthyan: Carthago Nova)(9,000), Al’Awar (180,000), Asimon (60,000), Bagharid (825,000), Damma Ra’Ima (18,000), Hayda A’Muka (11,000), Hezuul (20,000), Inharid (Phthyan Occupied)(58,000), Isham (16,000), Jaboor (265,000), Juba’Ah Saleh (8,000), Matri (Renamed to Phthyan Antepolis) (7,800), Nasayun (13,000), Uriazz (13,500), Qataizz (7,000)

The Emirates (from West to East)

  • Baghardi Emirate (Bagharid Capitol)
  • Asmoni Emirate (Asimon Capitol)
  • Malaki (Royal) Emirate (Al’Awar Capitol)
  • Emirate of Ylasia (Damma Ra’Ima Capitol)
  • Emirate of Abbshan (Abbashai Capitol)
  • Inhardi Emirate (Inharid Capitol – Phthyan Occupied)

Important Sites:
Major Geological Features:
The Golden Sands Desert, The Rejeb Cliffs, The Tablelands, Desert of Despair, Oubian Sands
Landmarks: TBA
Locales: Burj Sihr

Description: TBA
Life and Society: TBA

Towns and Villages

Jawfuf, Jiddah, Kharji, Khire (Renamed to Phthyan: Sufetula), Hama (Renamed to Phthyan: Octodurus), Hari (Renamed to Phthyan: Theveste), Hufuf (Renamed to Phthyan: Hermopolis Parvae), Majma (Renamed to Phthyan: Dumatha), Medal, Saha (Renamed to Phthyan: Juvavum), Tarat

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The Al’ Baid People

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