Alcazar de Devi

Alcazar de devi
Population: 875

The Alcazar was built on the edge of Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Gorge), a deep cleft through which Gran Rio flows. It is the first river crossing from where the river originates in the Ironback Mountains, and the bridge spans the gorge, making the town a defense point for the crossing.

The bridge is an engineering wonder, built into the gorge walls, and commands a breathtaking view of the river below.

Legend has it that the gorge was once a portal to the abyss, long before the river flowed here. In the time when the gods walked the land, they cast down Asmodeus here, and then sealed the abyss forever. There is no proof of this legend, but those who live at the Alcazar and the surrounding village are adamant to its veracity.

The community here are very stolid and prideful of their home.


The Devil’s Inn
Tres Hermanas Gloriosas – Shrine to the Triad (Three Sisters)
The Devil’s Springs Bathouse

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Alcazar de Devi

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