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Description: A magnificent bowstring that, when attached to any bow, produces an arrow every time the string is drawn back.
Possessed By: Qasim al-Abshibd

Description: A northman dagger, with silver bonded to its steel so that it more easily harms certain creatures, such as lycanthropes.

Description: A legendary golden arrow, relic of the Ionian God Apollo. It is rumored that few remain in the mortal world.

Description: These plain looking bracers create a field of force around their wearer. They can change the appearance of the wearer’s clothing, to appear as clothing or any kind of armor.
Possessed By: Ian Bradwarden

Description: This brass lamp captures its victims, randomly sucking them into the impossible palace within. It has been known to deposit its victims far away, through distance as well as time.

Description: This heirloom deck of tarot cards has been passed down the generations.
Possessed By: Iz’Alma

Description: A minor artifact that can transform itself into a terrible and ferocious beast.

Description: This heirloom mithril shirt has been passed down in the family for generations.
Possessed By: Dorak

Description: A fantastic flying bow, an heirloom item.
Possessed By: Ian

Description: Previously standard issue to all field explorers, this set is exceptionally handy, even if the style is outdated. The practice became highly expensive and has been discontinued.

Description: A magical gag.

Description: A magical necklace, used primarily for communication.

Description: A terrible dagger that steals lives.

Description: A high quality magical musical instrument.
Possessed By: Falko Glitterndrum

Description: A strange idol from deep within the jungles of one of the Afrikan.

Description: One of a set of javelins once owned by the famous huntsman, Kiaven.
Possessed By: Cian apTrystan

Description: A double-edged bastard sword with double-edged magic.
Possessed By: Cian apTrystan

Description: A magically cursed coin.

Description: An Ionian plant known for its magical healing properties.
Possessed By: Iz’Alma, Dorak, Smriti, Ian, Dusky

Description: A Kaidanese mask containing an Oni demon.

Description: A magical potion which aids the imbiber in their stealth attempts.
Possessed By: Consumed

Description: Magic items placed in this bag become inert, magically speaking.

Description: A very sharp, magical scythe.
Possessed By: Sold

Description: Created by novice crafters, this ring aids its owner with mental resolve.
Possessed By: Kumori

Description: Magical rope that is exceptionally strong.
Possessed By: Sold

Description: Magical tartan sash imbued with the hereditary will of ancestors.
Possessed By: Cian apTrystan

Description: Legendary ancestral katana.
Possessed By: Kumori

Description: Magical shield created for and by church members of Tinel.
Possessed By: Ignatius

Description: Magical shroud which preserves bodies wrapped within.
Possessed By: Dusky

Description: A holy statuette dedicated to the god Urian.

Description: Magical wristbands of a jungle motif.
Possessed By: Coatl Mixcoatl

Description: A magical military saddle which aids in handling the mount wearing it.
Possessed By: Calen Fosseway

Description: An eerie painting with horrific magical powers.

Description: A rare magical compass that forever holds true north, as well as bearing a magical secret compartment.
Possessed By: Kumori

Description: Magical shoes that make the wearer difficult to track.

Description: An expensive magical rapier.
Possessed By: Dorak

Description: Magical tokens that aid in monastic meditation.
Possessed By: Smriti

This is a work in progress – many more items to come

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