Ferdinand Goimende – Iz’Alma’s brother, bought from indentured servitude and given his freedom (and his father’s sword) to pursue his destiny as lost heir to a noble house in the south.
Father Calen Fosseway – Former team member and Cleric of The Great Church. Departed friends with most of the team.
Varisia Rozycki- Gypsy smuggler who has traveled for a time with the party.
Kypris Zarakis – Former Captain of Team 37. Led the team on most of their first mission before being recalled by the Grand Expeditions Project.
Master Ervain of Littlehollow – Fey (Pixie) chronicler for the Grand Expeditions Project, an invisible and mostly silent observer of Team 37.
Gareth Fosseway – Calen’s eldest brother. Owes the party for saving his life.
Charles Ravensdale – A friendly Explorer who is slightly taken with Smriti. Charles is a valuable contact.
Kaeso Juventius Vitalis – A Praetorian officer assigned to lead the party in a murder investigation. Kaeso was killed in Aegyptus when turned into a salt statue by a terrible mythical bird-like creature known as an Ehi.
Julius Cleaver – A Colosini (ogre) Imperial Legionnaire who the party nursed back to health after having his regiment wiped out by bandits led by a powerful bard.
Jute Reavers – A patrol of the Council of the Red Tribes in the Northern Hordelands.
Sing Mung – A gracious and noble landowner in Northeastern Monbad





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