High elves promo by nytcrawler d33xevy The Astorani are sometimes referred to as High Elves. They are an ancient and proud race, and are the standard race of Elves in the world. They call the Kingdom of Astoran home, which is centrally located on the Northeastern Continent. The Astorani command a strong trading fleet of ships that rule over Crystal Bay. They are known for their magic and artistic pursuits, whose works of art are among the most highly valued in all the world.

It is said nearly every Astorani can learn magic, for the arcane energies flow through their veins. Those who do not study to become wizards often show talents for spellcasting (sorcerous bloodlines).

Astorani typically are very tall, the tallest of the elven races. Their skin is always fair and their hair runs from white to gold. Occasionally a child is born with red hair, and among the Astorani, this is an ill omen. Such children are known as “Gingers”, and although they are not killed at birth or left for faeries (some barbaric clans may do this, but the Astorani never do). Instead, these Gingers are fostered in a foreign country, never knowing their lineage. The Northlanders prize Ginger children, for they believe the fire in their hair is good luck. Such Ginger Astorani often become clan wizards, and are held in high station. Many Northlander/Ginger half-elf children roam the lands of the cold north, and are generally respected. Red-haired elves are considered god-touched to the Northmen.

High elves

The Astorani breed a unique steed, known as the Elven Horse. Such horses are always purebred, with white coats and silver or golden manes and tails. It is not uncommon for the armies of the Astorani elven horses to be zephyr shod, and carry their warrior-wizards aloft and out of the danger of melee. There are also Astorani Chariots, which are war chariots that can carry up to seven. Led by Zephyr-shod horses, they are a formidable war force.Wa rmount10

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