Aym is the fifth month of the year, and is dedicated to Aymara. Spring is in full gear, and this month is a time to celebrate the renewal of life. With the planting at its end, there is a small amount of leisure time available to many, and this time is dedicated to the arts.

Aym is also called The Five Blessings to The Great Church, and is a month of great celebration. If at all possible, the devout will avoid being far from home during this month, though church business has certainly taken servants of the faith far from home even during the five blessings.

Every five days of this month there is a great festival day, including a noontime service in the local parish (which usually spills out into the streets, as these ceremonies bring so many people to the church) and an enormous feast.

Other religious holidays during Aym are:

The week-long celebration of the The Singularly Lovely Festival of Lyrical Composition is an Aymaran holiday, sponsored by Duchess Gratunata Smythe.

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