Symbol Name Titles Favored Weapon Cleric Domains Holy Warrior Domains
Symbol aymara Aymara, Goddess of Love and the Arts [CG] Sweet, Lovely, Fairest, the Golden, the Singer, Sister of Song, Jewel of Heaven, Lady of Love. Rapier Chaos, Good, Inspiration, Beauty and Charm Creation, Guardian and Emotion

Aymara: The fairest of all the gods, Aymara is the goddess of love, music, and art. She is chaotic good, seeking a world filled with beauty and love. She cannot bear any measure that represses the natural affinity of the mortal races to love one another and celebrate life with art. For this reason, among others, she hates Kador more vehemently than any of the other gods and seeks his destruction, as he has always sown dissent and hatred and created ugliness. Aymara has been in love with many mortals, and long ago had seven children with a mortal king; they serve her to this day (see the Seven). Aymara’s mother is Zheenkeef and her father is Tinel.

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