Description: PCR standard barbarian modified as follows:

BarbarianReligion: Some barbarian clans distrust established religions and prefer an intuitive, natural relationship to the cosmos over formal worship. Others devote themselves to powerful deities of strength, nature or slaughter. A barbarian is capable of fierce devotion to his god.

Magic: Like their religions beliefs, barbarians hold various outlooks on magic and their practitioners. Many believe magic to represent the darkest of evils, to be purged from the world. Other clans see it as a tool to be used to conquer.

Regions: Barbarians hail from four distinct areas: the Northlands ( Northmen), the Hordelands ( Jutes), and the Plains of Gol (Mün-Golai), and the Great Southern Jungle Nations (Vortoi, Azteci and Azurai, Ovar-kin, Therathi and Chuul).

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