Banlak's Journal Entry 3

27 Kor 1334

While the rest of the group moved their treasure hoard across the river, i quietly buried the fey creature. I carefully placed stones over her entire resting place and used stone shape to make a solid cover with her image. I cast plant growth to help the surrounding forest grow and moved off with the rest of the party.

We crossed a road the next day, using a bit of magic to cover the crossing. We soon found the camp where the rest of the group dropped off some gear and learned about our next destination. We stayed a few days and I made friends with their wizard. I taught him some nature magic and in exchange he taught me how to preserve a corpse.

We left the camp and came across a forest fire. The fire had been deliberately set. It seems salamanders were conjured to light the forest on fire and impede our way. The one behind it fled quickly after we arrived. We dealt with 2 salamanders before moving on. Based on the burn rate of the fire, the forest was overdue for a burning anyway.

We should arrive at the junk soon.



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Banlak's Journal Entry 3

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