Bellflower Network

BellfowerNetwork.pngSlavery is a common practice throughout the Aethean Sea region, and all along the Crimson Seas, particularly in the Phthyan Empire, where all manner of non-human humanoids, but especially half lings, make up the majority of the slave workforce. With no ancestral home, and having spent generations enslaved to the Phthian people, the halflings took it upon themselves to seek freedom and aid other halflings in doing the same. Thus was born the Bellflower Network, a decades-old, ultra-secretive society of freed halfling slaves who engage in a wide range of subversive and rebellious activities to free their compatriot halflings from Phthya and hopefully from slavery forever. The Bellflower Network is so named because of the blue bellflower members use for their symbol. They leave it carved on fence posts, embroider it into tunics, and grow it around their important buildings. Members of the network can always spot other members on official business by identifying some sort of blue bellflower symbol on their person — a tattoo, a pin, or even an actual bellflower stuck in the lapel. In addition, the group communicates using its own set of code words (see sidebar). The network maintains hundreds of paths to freedom from dozens of Phthyan cities; most of these paths end in Carpathia, though some make their way into Bagmar.

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Bellflower Network

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