Celebration of the Battle of the Standard

The temples of Terak do not celebrate any universal holy days. Instead, each regional council organizes celebrations of local holy days tied to great local battles. The temples take it upon themselves to commemorate fallen heroes from such wars and campaigns, regardless of their faith.

In the Free Kingdoms, the Battle of the Standard is universally celebrated on the 17th day of this Tera, unless the 17th falls on a Kism├ęday, at which time the celebration takes place on the following Alimday, which would fall on the 18th of the month.

This celebration takes place across the Free Kingdoms, but many make a pilgrimage to City of Montaigne, the site of the original battle. The celebrations vary, but universally converge in the great squares, around the statues erected to the fallen heroes of the battle.

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Celebration of the Battle of the Standard

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