Population: 4,800

Cencillio is a large, riverside town. It boasts a sizable port, for it is the northernmost port along the Granada Highway, before El Río Más Largo veers westward.

Just north of the town is a well traveled road which leads across a narrow bridge called Puente de Fuerte. Portugai begins on the other side of the river, and thus there are toll wardens located at either end of the bridge.

It is a sleepy town for its size, and the daily siesta tends to last longer than normal. But when tempers flare here they do so with unity. Recently (1/1333ys) there were protesters blocking the streets in front of the Church of Maal.

The Justiciars of Maal are the sole justice and authority in Cencillio. The strong church presence has held power here for centuries, and the Court of Maal serves as public services in addition to being one of the largest Courts under the jurisdiction of Maal. The Justiciars rule with an strong but even hand. They are nothing if not thorough, and Cencillio (and the nearby region) has a very low level of crime. The Cencillio Court rose in power after the seat of The Great Church was moved from Granada in Espagia to the Cathedral of Impeccable Blessings in Montaigne. The Justiciars here at Cencillio hold a long standing resentment of The Great Church, and although they deal honestly and fairly, those who belong to TGC may find themselves fighting a hard battle when it comes to justice in Cencillio.


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