Chi Tsukino

Chi tsukino
Chi Tsukino is a powerful greater devil (yōkai). In Kaidan she is knows as a Yama-uba crone called Chi Tsukino (Blood Moon), and known in western lore as Czatche the Blood Moon. She is the source of the stories of the witch with the poison apple. Legends and stories blame her as the source of the blood cycle for women.

Chi Tsukina was let loose into the world by a vile warlock who slew many venerable monks in the Drokari Monastery of Arastapar. His summoning ritual was interrupted, and he lost control of the devil. She consumed his soul as she emerged into the broken circle, confronting The Company of Wheel Breakers. Recognizing Kumori, the hero of legend in Kaidan, she did not wish to test his prowess, opting instead to retreat and gather her power (and allies) before she confronts him again. She offered a boastful challenge before she departed, stating the next time they met, she would devour Kumori, ensuring the Jade Emperor’s eternal reign. Chi tsukino2




Chi Tsukino

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