Cian's Journal Entry 4


I’m sending this by way of the Explorer’s Society, who tell me they can make sure it gets safely to you without being intercepted. Let me start by reassuring you I’m well and still in possession of all my gifts, though not without having had to fight to keep them. I’m making good money at work that doesn’t offend my principles, and I’ve found a group of companions I think I can trust.

That’s an improvement over the jobs I had to take going ‘round the horn, but those are stories better told to Da’ and my cousins.

I’ve followed every scrap of news from home I could get, and I’ve been glad to hear nothing about any reprisals against the family. All the tales I have heard have been about the Campbells and the O’Bairns going at each other. By the time they get out here the stories disagree on why they’ve gone back to feuding, but whatever the reason I hope uncle Pwyll has the sense to stay out, no matter what his wife’s family name was. You all have enough trouble from my predicament without him haring off and taking Connor and Liam with him. Tell him I said so, and if he disagrees he can come tell me himself.

Tell Niamh I miss her and hope she’s studying hard. Tell Da’ not to take any foolish risks; I’ve already done enough of that for the whole family. Tell him especially not to go poking his nose ‘round my… situation. It’s better that I’m away, for now, and if anyone’s sticking their neck out it should be me.

I miss you all, and pray to all the gods for your safety every day. I’ll try to send word often as I can that I’m all right.

Your son,


Cian's Journal Entry 4

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