Cian's Journal Entry 6

We have recovered Lugizar Trantos, as you are already aware, and the magicks you provided us appear to have cleared his mind. He has joined us willingly, eagerly even, but his initial suspicion and ingratitude to us has been hard for me to forget. He doesn’t remember much, but he screams occasionally in his sleep, so I suspect a part of him remembers and doesn’t want to.

If Dorak is sending you reports of his own, it needs to be noted that he rogered us all pretty well by pissing off a representative of the WTC. They tried to extort protection from us shortly after we got to Marcina, and Dorak told their agent to bugger himself. This led to the WTC doing all they could to sabotage our attempts to find Trantos. In the end, we had to buy our way out of their bad books, and hope that next time Dorak will refer a similar contact to one of us who’s more of a “people person.”

Santa Valeria had no ships leaving in any direction that would help us, so we headed for Porto Grande by land. Along the way, we encountered a band of smugglers in the process of loading a sloop with cargo in a hidden inlet. Thinking we might be able to book passage with them to Porto Grande and save three days’ hiking, I attempted to parley with the captain. I’ve sailed with characters I’d have rather avoided before, and thought that speed was worth taking the risk. Well, these lads turned out to be even less savory than they looked, and tried to kill us. They nearly succeeded, what with having some kind of great thumping gun aboard their ship, but we fought clear.

Hurrying turned out not to be that important, since it took a week to find passage off Marcina. We sailed for several days toward Chuul, until a storm laid us by in a lagoon on an unnamed island here in the Midnights. Our ship came under attack by Sea Hags. On the second night of their predation, I encountered two of them aboard, and nearly paid for the sighting with a Gift. With them having sabotaged the ship, we have to go ashore to hunt the hags down in order to allow repairs to be made. We will report again when underway once more for Chuul.

Cian’s Journal

Cian's Journal Entry 6

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