City of Granada

GranadaPopulation: 71,500 (spread out over the sprawl of the city).

The city and its boroughs cover an expansive area, including vast sections of farmland. It boasts no gates, so it is often confusing to travelers when they discover themselves suddenly thrust into the thickness of urban living.

The Great Temple is one of the true architectural marvels of the Free Kingdoms. It used to be a Cathedral, but after a long and bloody war, it was downgraded. The seat of the Great Church was moved to Montaigne in the Province of the Four Corners. According to legend, it was moved for its protection, but the Espanish claim political corruption to be the true cause. There is a deep resentment in the peoples of Espagia toward the Clergy of the Great Church, and as a result, there have been factious splits between the religions. The Great Church of Espagia was born, and although identical in theology, there are political nuances which separate it from the mother Church. Additionally, many of the old temples and churches dedicated to the pantheon of gods have splintered, and in their places arose temples to the individual deities. Maal is a favorite god in Espagia, and is worshipped fervently in Granada, for the Great Cathedral, called Catedral de los Cielos (Cathedral of the Heavens) is known now as the Supreme Court of Maal.

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City of Granada

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