City of Nevada

Population: 22,900

Nevada lies on a long, high rise, nestled atop the Nevada Mountain range. It is a strongly fortified city, which utilizes the natural mountain surroundings in its stronghold construction. The gates are nigh impenetrable, and remain closed, by law, at any time the sun’s rays do not strike them, which in the case of the Southern Gate, may be as late as 2pm in the winter. This decree was passed Don Salazar, the mayor and liege of the city.

It is rumored that Don Salazar and his family, perhaps even the entire court, are vampires. There are strict curfew laws in the city as well, regarding travel after the sun has set. In general, the local populace keeps to themselves, and stay indoors when at all possible.

Nevada is one of the few cities that has no university. The temple here has also been abandoned for three decades. There are several small shrines to various members of the pantheon, but no one dares defile the now forsaken, and some say haunted, Temple of Sierra Negra.

Serpiente Negra, an upscale inn.

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City of Nevada

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