City of Potsin


Potsin lies in the northern mountains of Carpathia, along the Northern Silk Road. It has a huge wooden bridge that spans the Bozhskii River, and is a strong city of trade, being the last major city on the road north into Kushar.

It lies at the edge of The Seliks Wood, part of the great Northern Forests of Carpathia. As such, the city does a large lumber trade, and nearly every building is constructed from the sturdy Carpathian Birch lumber.

Prince dmitriPrincess varvaraPrince Dmitri of Potsin reigns the region with his wife, Princess Varvara. They are known to be good, kind and just rulers. They were recently blessed with a healthy son, and had been trying to conceive for many years. The whole city is looking forward to the celebration of little Prince Kumori’s (named after the hero Sonoda Kumori), first name day.

City of Potsin

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