City of Shenliang


LN small city
Corruption +3; Crime –1; Economy +4; Law +4; Lore +3;
Society –2
Qualities prosperous, rumormongering citizens, strategic location, tourist attraction
Danger +5
Government overlord
Population 8,227 (5,753 humans; 1,895 tengus; 202 elves; 187 dwarves; 103 samsarans; 57 kitsune; 17 gnomes; 13 halflings)
Notable NPCs
Prince Batsaikhar (LN male human aristocrat 8/fighter 5) Royal Advisor Chua (N male human expert 8)
Royal Bodyguard Okimoto Izume (LN female human samurai 11)

Often called the second capital of the Province of Qin Ho, Shenliang is a gateway to the west, as it lies along the famed Silk Road. After traveling through the great desert from the west, it is an oasis of luxury and hospitality from the desert of. The city is famed for its thermal hot springs, which have formed a sulfur-rimed lake in the center of the city, frequented by residents and visitors alike. Prince Batsaikhar, younger brother of the khan of Qin Ho, rules Shenliang. Called the Golden One by his subjects, who live in both awe and terror of him, Batsaikhar is a man known to smile and sing as he has those who have angered him torn apart.

Shenliang is crammed between stout timber walls 40 feet high, topped with spikes replete with the severed heads of bandits who preyed upon the Path of Aganhei. The city’s layout is confusing, with narrow, winding streets. Buildings are timber framed and have high, gabled roofs and ornate, decorated eaves. A large, parklike garden surrounds Shenliang’s central lake, which lies more or less in the middle of the city. The park is flanked on one side by the Palace of the Prince, a forbidden place guarded by hundreds of soldiers, and on the other by the temple of Abadar, known in Mung Li as the God of Walls and Ditches.

Paper lanterns light the streets of Shenliang at night. The streets are immaculately clean (Prince Batsaikhar hates dirt) and regularly patrolled. Prayer flags of all colors dance in the wind from every gable and roof. Everywhere one turns a shop is selling something, and the heady scent of incense mingles with the smell of unfamiliar cooked foods. On the city’s outskirts, huge corrals contain herds of prized Qin Ho horses, and numerous caravansaries cater to the caravans coming up from the Southern Silk Road.

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City of Shenliang

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