Coatl's Farewell Letter

The following letter was left lying upon Coatl’s never-slept-in bed…

I have no idea why I’m writing this, other than I hope that in doing so, I will – perhaps not so politely – drop upon all of you a heaping ton of common sense.

First, treating me as if I was some sort of buffoon was not the right thing to do. Yes, I am largely blissfully unaware of how to conduct myself in these deathtraps of convenience pleasantly referred to as cities. In fact, meeting with the King was an eye-opening experience. This King, of whom I was blissfully unaware when living in the jungle, represents everything that is wrong with society. Forcing undue protocols that stifle and limit communication is precisely the way to prohibit progress and ultimately inspire revolt. Now certainly, one might view the forcing of my boa to stay away from the meeting as a mere trifle, but I do not. Now, I don’t hold any grudge about it either, but I am merely stating that sometimes so-called benevolent rulers are only just that depending on your particular station in life. Hopefully, this is news to none of you.

Second, here’s my greatest piece of advice. Work together. Communicate. Yes, I know that I was a challenge in that regard. And yes, I know that I acted rationally and impulsively at times. Attempt to view the situation with my eyes, however. I was developing great power through a magical means that was far beyond my initial knowledge. Two years ago, I was in a swamp, creating tonics and elixirs, hocking charms of various sorts, and the like throughout Chuul.

Now I have seen every last one of you – myself included – at the brink of death, or beyond. When I saw those rotgrubs squirming beneath Smriti’s skin and the anguish in her eyes as she dug a dagger into her own flesh, I knew that I had to react. All of you let me fly past you, and indeed, Brother Ignacius fired a bolt, which did little but to vaporize the bed upon which our friend was losing her mind to pain.

Now, I appreciate Dorak’s honesty, though I wish that his knowledge came sooner at times. He is quite likely the only one of you fit to survive, in my estimation. It is to him that I bequeath all my belongings, though I know that he will likely redistribute them.

I saw how quickly all of you turned on me when I admitted full responsibility for my act. There is certainly some sort of negative energy at work within this group, and I think that it boils down to the fact that none of you truly have gotten to know one another. Do this with haste, as I feel that the foes you have faced thus far are mere shades of shadow of the true evil that works within this world.

Now, I go to accept my fate honorably, and turn myself into the authorities. When I am able, I intend to return to Bloodeye and find a different line of work. This one, and indeed, most of the inhabitants of this world, are nothing but charlatans and frauds. I tire of such behavior.

I wish you all success in your endeavors–
Coatl Mixcoatl

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Coatl's Farewell Letter

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